Veggie Republic

Veggie Republic
16 Cook Street, Liverpool L2 9RF
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Our passion is to give vegans a great choice of foods that they’re not able to get in veggie and mainstream restaurants. Most places offer 1 or if you are luck 2 vegan options, our aim is to give vegans the chance to go out and not have to compromise on just 1 or 2 choices, safe in the knowledge that the food they are served won’t have any cross contamination at all and feel safe knowing that everything is 100% vegan right down to our cleaning products which are all cruelty free.

Our mission is to show vegetarians and meat eaters that anything can be veganised and taste amazing, we have choices from vegan junk food and comfort food to raw vegan dishes, catering for every vegan style of eating including gluten free vegan dishes.

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