FAQ about points

Pound Points

These points are equivalent to pounds.

Note that, unless stated otherwise, you can attend any event without having to purchase points in advance.

However, there are packages available that facilitate you to get more Pound Points for fewer pounds, so to attend more events for less money.

You can obtain your Pound Points either by purchasing them online or by paying during the event. Credit card payments are available during some of the events, check the specific details in the description of each event. You can also pay in cash in most of the cases.

Registering for an event does not discount any Pound Points. They are only discounted once you attend the event.

But registering in advance helps you to get Hello Points, that you can utilise to attend more events, like if they were Pound Points (see below)

At any time, you can request us to refund your Pound Points through this form. We will calculate the exact amount to be refunded depending on the discounted packages you have purchased and the events attended. We may contact you if we need any clarification.

Hello Points

These points, that are equivalent to Pound Points, are granted when you accomplish certain actions:

  • By inviting a friend, both get 7 Hello Points once they register. Use the form on the right sidebar (or at the bottom, if you are seing this from a mobile device). There is no limit on number of friends invited, so invite as many as you want!
  • Once you have got the category of Trusty Student, by registering to an event with at least 48 hours in advance and actually turning out, will sum 1 Hello Point to your balance.
    Note that if you register but after you do not attend the event (and you do not delete delete your registration before the event), you will lose your status of Trusty Student so the possibility to get Hello Points. But no worries, you can achieve again that status by following the same process that allowed to get it you at first, i.e., by registering to an event with at least 48 hours in advance and finally attending.
  • Through our website Good News Good News. By becoming an editor and publishing content on this website that offers a Daily Dose of Positivity, you will get more Hello Points: 1 Hello Point for every published Good News (maximum 1 per day). Send us an email if you are interested.
  • There are special promotions that will allow you to get more Hello Points, stay tunned!

When attending a new event, the system will check if you have enough number of Hello Points that cover the cost of the event, in which case it will discount the points from the Hello Points balance instead of the Pounds Point balance.


If you no longer want to use the platform or attend any future event, you can ask for a refund using this form.

We will refund 95% of your current Pound Points into actual pounds.


More questions

If you still have questions, let us know so we can improve this information for our students and collaborators to get a better understanding.


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