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Hola People admin

Members who administer and moderate this site.

Teacher's badge


Member who delivers or has previously delivered their knowledge and expertise to other members through our courses, workshops and events.

This includes any subject, from languages, dancing to other personal or professional skills.

Student's badge


Member who has attended at least two of the classes organised by Hola People, either languages courses, dances or personal development workshops.

Trusty Student's badge

Trusty Student

Member who, once got the Student badge, has noticed of their attendance to any of the events with at least two days in advance, and definitely showed up.

There are two more requisites to be a Trusty Student:

  • To have a profile picture.
  • To set their Visibility to a value other than 'Hide me completely'. Edit your profile to change this configuration.

These members receive 1 Hello Point for every event they attend, again having noticed with at least 2 days in advance.

They can use their acquired Hello Points as Pound Points to attend new events. See FAQ about points for more information about this topic.

Having this status, they can still attend events without any previous notice and still keep this badge.

However, if they ever miss any event that have registered for, without previous noticing the cancellation by deleting the registration, they will lose the status of Trusty Student. They can acquire it again by noticing 2 days in advance their attendance for a future event and turning up accordingly, as they did at first.

Dancer's badge


Member who has ever attended any of our dance workshops: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Sevillanas...

Party member's badge

Party member!

We organise parties occasionally, and the member who has ever enjoyed any of them, got their badge!

Traveller's badge


Member who has accompanied us on any of our organised trips.

Presenter's badge

Comedian / presenter

Member who presents in our events by presenting others' performances and possibly performing themselves in the form of stand up comedy or similar.

Creative member's badge

Creative member

This person is contributing or has participated before in coming up with creative ideas for the community.

Media member's badge

Media member

Actively participating in the production of any audiovisual material.

Archie's badge


Archie has been with us since we started organising events. So we considered he deserved his own badge!


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